Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - #MarchToEquality

The following list represents the most frequently asked questions about the March To Equality:

Who can participate in the March To Equality?

Anyone anywhere in the world can participate in the March To Equality, as long as they are legally allowed to be in possession of a social media account.

What is the idea behind the March To Equality?

We want to give all people around the globe the opportunity to share their opinions on LGBT Equality. As not everyone has the possibility to take part in a real March at a predetermined location, we want to connect the world together by offering a virtual March that is accessible to anyone for free and without any borders between them. All parts of society have the chance to connect and take action simultaneously no matter where they are.

What is the goal of the March to Equality?

The goal is to elevate awareness for the need for global LGBT equality and to collect as many steps needed to walk the entire planet.

What is the March To Equality?

The March To Equality is a campaign that aims to support full LGBT Equality through June 28, 2019, which is Stonewall's 50th anniversary. Stonewall is the birthplace of the LGBT movement in the United States.

Why do I need to Take Act!on for full LGBT Equality?

LGBT Equality is not a given reality in any country on the globe. People are excluded or discriminated in societies all around the world, and if you are not directly involved by this exclusion, one of your friends will be. In at least 76 countries it is still illegal to be gay, in 5 countries being gay can be treated with the death penalty. If you believe in a Free & Equal world, you should step up for your community or friends in the community. We are all connected.

How can I Take Act!on in the March To Equality?

Simply follow the instructions on this website. Please sign up on and create a profile. You can take a photo of a footstep and upload the picture to your profile (which counts automatically as 1 step taken for LGBT Equality), or collect footsteps by using your mobile run app and take a picture of today’s running session. Simply type in the number of steps taken in today’s session and upload the summary picture that your mobile app created after the session. You may also shoot a video of an experience that you want to share on YouTube and type the number of steps taken in the video into our step tracker program, or you can leave the URL to the YouTube video which is stored on your YouTube Channel, so that can also promote it on their channel.

The system currently accepts not more than 17,500 steps per day from each participant. If you want to break a record and submit more steps to us, which we of course highly appreciate, you can send an eMail to our data managers along with a link to the video or mobile app summary. The eMail address for step verification is:

Is there a ranking between all participants that have donated steps?

Yes, there is a ranking. The more steps someone donated, the higher his ranking which appears in your own profile.

If your question isn't answered yet, you can contact us at