Why YOU should Take Act!on Now ?

Being gay is illegal in at least
76 countries

By participating in the MarchTo Equality you are helping raise awareness for a free and equal world for all LGBT people.


LGBT people of all ages and in all regions of the world suffer from violations of their human rights. They are physically attacked, kidnapped, raped and murdered. In more than a third of the world's countries, people may be arrested and jailed (and in at least five countries executed) for engaging in private, consensual, same-sex relationships. States often fail to adequately protect LGBT people from discriminatory treatment in the private sphere, including in the workplace, housing and healthcare. LGBT children and adolescents face bullying in school and may be thrown out of their homes by their parents, forced into psychiatric institutions or forced to marry. Transgender people are often denied identity papers that reflect their preferred gender, without which they cannot work, travel, open a bank account or access services. Intersex children may be subjected to surgical and other interventions without their or often their parents' informed consent, and as adults are also vulnerable to violence and discrimination.

Source: United Nations Free & Equal